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Student Council


1) Aims of the Student Council of St Cecilia's College
To give students a voice in the decisions that affect them.
To help create a more positive school community.

2) Role of the Student Council of St Cecilia's College
The School Council needs to strike a balance between:

  • Doing things.
  • Asking for things.
  • Raising Awareness.

2.1 Raising Awareness
All groups within the school community: Leadership, Staff, Board of Governors, Parents and Pupils, need to be kept up to date with Student Council issues and activities and given an opportunity to comment on them.
This can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Suggestion boxes.
  • Council members speaking in form classes and in Year assemblies.
  • A Council notice board.
  • The Councils Staff Advisor talking to staff and Leadership
  • Letters to parents.
  • School web site

2.2 Doing Things
The Student Council should aim to do things which will improve the school for the students and to increase the sense of community and pride in the school.

2.3 Asking for Things
The Student Council must be seen as a positive forum – not a place to moan and complain. However, it is part of the council’s job to ask for things to improve the school for students and to give students a voice and some control over things which directly affect them. Therefore, they should discuss and ask for things to this end.
The Student Council also understands that there are aspects of school life in which they will not play a role.

  • Staffing.
  • Curriculum.
  • Policy Development – (However, when policy is changed the Student Council could be given documents for consultation in the same way as other interested parties)

3) Structure of the Student Council
The student council will have a representative from each form class. One of these representatives will be elected as the Year Representative. School Council meetings will consist of Year Group Representatives, the Head of School Council and the Staff Advisor.
These Year Representatives have the responsibility of keeping their year group informed and acting as a link as described in ‘Raising Awareness’.

2) Membership
The aim of the student council should be to have an inclusive membership which represents the whole student body.
4.1 Who can be a member?
Any pupil can be a nominated and act as a member of the Student Council.

4.2 Qualities of Student Council members

  • Committed
  • Hardworking
  • Good Communicator
  • Team Player

4.3 How long does membership last?
Annual elections will take place and each student will serve for one school year.

4.4 Role of Council Members

  • Represent the pupils in their year.
  • Inform pupils in their year group of council decisions and activities.Attend and participate in meetings on a regular basis.
  • Inform staff, parents, board of governors of council activities within normal school policy.
  • Take on responsibility within the council when required
  • Work with other members to help realise those activities which the council undertakes.

5) Election of Members Elections will take place each year at the end of September.
5.1 Nominations
Candidates must be nominated and seconded by their peers, or by a teacher. Each form class, Years 9 – 14 will nominate candidates and subsequently elect a form representative.

5.2 Form Representatives
The form representatives of years 9-14 will stand for election to represent their year on the Student Council. Unsuccessful candidates will remain as form representatives and will meet regularly with members of the Council to facilitate communication between Council and the student body (see meetings). Form representatives will also be approached to work with Council members in activities as required.

5.3 Election Campaign
This will take place over a one week period. Candidates may post information on the student council notice board and speak in form class etc.
Candidates will speak in their relevant year assemblies on Election Day.

5.4 Election Day
Pupils will be given a voting paper in the year assembly and will post these in ballot boxes.

5.5 Choosing Members
The votes will be counted by the Head of School Council and the Staff Advisor. The pupils with top votes in each year will be elected.

6) Meetings
The student council will meet a maximum of once each month and a minimum of twice a term to allow time for information to be passed up and down as follows:
1 – Council meets.
2 – Members feed back to their year groups at assemblies and by meeting with Form Representatives and Staff Advisor feeds back to Leadership.
3 – Form classes discuss council issues.
4 – Form class representatives bring issues to their year reps.
5 – Council meets etc.

7) Student Council Office Bearers
Office bearers will be elected within the student council as follows:

  • Chairperson (Year 14 Head of School Council)
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary (to be rotated each week)
  • Treasurer
  • Publicity Officer

Roles of the Office Bearers
Head of School Council / Chairperson:

  • Runs meetings and leads discussions.
  • Helps to prepare the agenda.Gives out notices in assemblies when appropriate.
  • Talks with form tutors and senior management about the council’s thoughts, ideas and suggestions.
  • Makes sure everyone on the council is involved.


  • Helps to prepare the agenda.Writes up the notes and keeps them in a book or file.
  • Makes notes during meetings of the important issues that are discussed and all the decisions that are made.
  • Collects and relays apologies.
  • Sends correspondence to Leadership, staff etc.
  • Circulates minutes to members.

Vice Chairperson:

  • Keeps in touch with all the form and year representatives.
  • Leads meetings if the Chairperson is away.
  • Checks that representatives have done what they agreed to do.
  • Helps and supports the chairperson in their job.


  • Looks after any money that the council may have.
  • Keeps to all the financial procedures set out in the constitution.Presents requests for funding to Leadership
  • Writes a report on how much money has been spent, what it has been spent on and how much is left.

Publicity Officer:

  • Ensures that the notice board is kept up to date.
  • Gives information to Mr Lynch for the school website.

8) Money
Student Council Account
The Student Council has a small budget held within LMS.
Spending Money
Decisions to spend student council money will be made by the democratic decision of the council members and the guidance of the Staff Advisor.
Accounts will be kept by the treasurer. Accounts will be available for scrutiny by the Chairperson and the Staff Advisor on request and will be formally presented to all interested parties annually.
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