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House System

House System

St Cecilia's House System
The aim of our house System is to create a smaller family within our larger school community. And within each ‘house family’ our pupil and adult members will be challenged to give daily witness of 'faith in action' within and beyond the school.
To this end each of our houses is named after a ‘Gift’ that everyone in our school will espouse to. And so we have the House of Peace, Hope, Faith, Courage and Grace.  Everyone's wide range of gifts and talents will be recognized and celebrated in our house system.
There will be enhanced opportunities to promote friendship, collaboration, kindness, creativity and leadership through participation in organised events and activities. 
And of course our house system embodies our school motto : Aspire, Endeavour, Achieve - together we make a difference!


Senior Captain

Junior Captain




Chelsea McLaron





Chloe Ceulemans






Nicole Glowicka





Brogan Long




Ella Kennedy





Abigail Lynch






Orlagh Wilson



Demi-Leigh Duffy




Abbie Hillen 



Rianne Doherty