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Uniform Policy


         A uniform dress code fosters pride in appearance, instils recognition of the pupils as an integral part of the community.  It assists in developing pride in representing St Cecilia’s College.  Issue of equality, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of our Dress Code.


  •          To promote equality amongst all students.
  •          To further develop a sense of pride in, and identification with our school.
  •          To provide durable clothing that is cost effective and practical for our school environment.
  •          To maintain and enhance the positive image of the school in the community.


  •         The Dress Code applies during school hours, while travelling to and from school and when students are on school organised activities.
  •         Parents seeking exemptions to the Dress Code due to religious beliefs, ethnic or cultural background, student disability, health condition or economic hardship must apply in writing to the Principal.        
  •          It is the responsibility of  pupils to ensure that all uniform items are clearly labelled.

The School Uniform


            Bottle green pleated skirt (Years 8 – 12)

            Bottle green pinafore (Years 13 and 14)

            Bottle green V neck jumper with white stripe around the V-neck

            White blouse

            Green tie with white stripe (Years 8, 9 and 10)

            Green tie with red stripe (Years 11 and 12)

            Green tie with red and white stripe (Years 13 and 14)

            Bottle green blazer with school badge

            Black tights or green knee length socks

            Green or black hair ribbon/bobble (if necessary)

            Flat black shoes             

Items available in local shops, e.g. Ferguson Fashions, McClintock's, Max Fashions, Dunnes, Marks & Spencer and Littlewoods.

P.E. Uniform


           White blouse (Aertex or similar)

            Dark green pants/green shorts

            White ankle socks


            Green P.E. skirt *

            Bathing suit and bathing cap

St. Cecilia's T-shirts and tracksuits, swimming hats and goggles are available from the school.  Cycling shorts are not to be worn.