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Dr Bronagh Roche

Senior Credit Risk Modeller at Ulster Bank

bronaghDr. Bronagh Roche is currently employed as a Senior Credit Risk Modeller at Ulster Bank.  Bronagh attended St Cecilia’s College from 2000 until 2007 attaining AAA grades in Step up Science and Mathematics. Her Step up Science grade mark was one of the top five in the U.K.

On leaving St. Cecilia’s college Bronagh continued her education at Queen’s University from 2007-2011 where she attained a First class honours in a  combined 4 year Bachelors and Master’s Degree (Msci) in  Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research. 

Bronagh continued her studies from 2011-2014 completing a PhD in Statistics and Operational Research where she developed a complex benchmarking model for road traffic collisions.   

Since then she has been employed by Ulster Bank as a Senior Credit Risk Modeller where she develops capital models for approval for both the Central Bank of Ireland and Prudential Regulation Authority. 

In her spare time Bronagh tutors Maths and has successfully taught over 250 children and adults ranging from all areas and abilities of the educational spectrum from Key Stage Two and Three, GSCE Higher and Foundation (AQA, CCEA, Edexcel), Additional Mathematics, A -level (AQA, CCEA), Further Mathematics, Access Diploma Course and Degree level Mathematics.

Bronagh actively volunteers as a STEM Ambassador, attending numerous events to help inspire young people in switching their minds to the excitement and potential of STEM subjects and careers.